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Department of Sanskrit is the one of the oldest Department in I.P.College. It offers M.A., B.A. (H), B.A. (P) and Interdisciplinary Courses such as GE, AEC, SEC, VAC etc. B.A. (H) covers all the disciplines of Sanskrit such as Sanskrit Grammar, Indian Philosophy, Yoga Psychology, Āyurveda, Vedic Mathematics & Astronomy, Poetics, Literature, Culture and Indian Epigraphy. The Department of Sanskrit promotes the appreciation of this rich language which is the backbone of the understanding of Indian culture and represents all disciplines of Indian knowledge traditions. Sanskrit literature is a storehouse of scientific principles and methodology.

Since time immemorial scientific literature in Sanskrit available to us is vast and varied, covering subjects as diverse as Alchemy, Astronomy, Mathematics, Metallurgy, Zoology and many more. In Philology, our Sanskrit language is now universally acknowledged to be the foundation of all Indo-European language. Sanskrit has been the medium of instruction as well as intellectual activities in different disciplines including scientific one in India since the last 5000-6000 years. Hence it contains valuable knowledge. Now the time has come to study Sanskrit texts and get acquainted with thoughts enshrined in it, and also co-relate with modern sciences so as to take maximum advantage and make people prosperous and happy. Ancient Sanskrit literature is a storehouse of scientific principles and methodology. The work of our ancient scholars should be thoroughly examined and where possible integrated with modern science – Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (Former president of India). (Ignited Minds, Page No. - 87) 

Sanskrit Pariṣhad organize different academic and cultural activities for overall personality development of the students. The students of the Department always show great interest in participating various inter-class & inter-college competitions. They won numbers of prizes in Sanskrit debates, Vedamantoccāraṇa, Recitation, Quiz competition etc. The Department promotes academic excellence, consequently most of the students pass out with first division obtaining high percentage of marks.

Like any fundamental course, Sanskrit opens up avenues for entry into careers in Research, Academics, Civil Services, Journalism, Archaeology and other opportunities of Editing and Translating Manuscripts.

Teachers of Sanskrit Department are well trained, equipped with latest research methods and committed to the all-round development of the students.Department has specialized teachers in the area of Veda, Indian Philosophy, Grammar, Indian Mathematics & Science, Sanskrit Literature & Poetics, Yoga & Ayurveda, Indian Epigraphy and Archaeology.


 Updated On:- 01/11/2023