Use the Green room to check your quality:

Here’s how to use Meet’s Green Room to test your call quality:

  • Start or join a new meeting (doesn’t appear if you’re hosting an instant meeting).

  • Click “Check your audio and video” while waiting at the “Ready to Join” screen.
    A new window will appear that guides you through the audio and video check.

  • On the first screen, use the drop-down menus to change your mic, audio output, and camera devices if you need to, then click “Next.”

  • You can then record a short clip to see and hear your call quality. Click “Next” when you’re ready to record. Make sure you speak clearly into the mic, as you would while in the meeting. The recording will automatically stop after a few seconds.

  • The clip will play on the last screen. If you’re unhappy with the volume and need to adjust the settings, or if the app says your connection or devices aren’t working, click “Check again” to restart the process, or select “Tips and tricks” if you need help fixing an audio or video issue.

Common Issues:

  1. Having trouble with your wifi or cellular bandwidth? Try setting the video quality to 360p

  2. Here’s How to Change your computer’s video and audio settings

  3. The Audio or Camera is not working.

  4. Change your computer’s video and audio settings

  5. Change your mobile camera or audio for Meet

Supported web browsers

Meet works with the current version of the browsers listed below: