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Online video and in-person visiting information and scheduling


  • NCCF - No in-person visitation (1/15/22 - 1/16/22) Covid Concerns. Video visit are still available through Ameelio.

  • ASP - No visiting (1/15/22 - 1/16/22) - Covid Concerns

  • ISP - No Visiting (1/14/22 -1/17/22) - Covid Concerns

Ameelio is coming: by the end of this year all sites will be using our new. Video and In-Person Visits will be managed and video visits will be conducted via the ameelio app. Scroll-down on this page to learn more


Click the Get Started Button to begin

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FAQ button to see a list of frequently asked questions

please provide feedback after your visit:


Click the Get Started Button to begin

Click the FAQ button to see a list of frequently asked questions

please provide feedback after your visit:

  • Regarding the department's efforts to mitigate the impact of the virus on the prison population, Director Dr. Beth Skinner commented, "Our staff are taking every precaution within our power to ensure that the prisons are ready to prevent and respond to the introduction of COVID-19." She also went on to say, "we are working closely with all relevant state agencies such as Iowa Dept. of Public Health and Homeland Security Emergency Management to ensure that we're taking every step we can to minimize the impact that this virus will have on our population."

  • Members of the public can find Department updates related to this pandemic at

Video and In-Person Visits

at CCF and ICIW Now Use Ameelio Connect. And Starting December 10th we add FDCF, NCCF, MPCF

Watch the above DEMO to see how to use the connect app.Here is the link to watch on youtube:

All visitors 13 years and older must download and create an Ameelio Connect account before joining a video or in-person visit. All visitors will need to create a Connect account, even if previously approved as a visitor by the DOC. Please find download instructions and customer support instructions below.

Ameelio Connect is only available on iPhones, iPads, and Android Phones. Ameelio Connect is not currently available on computers or laptops.

Customer Support

Please find Ameelio’s Frequently Asked Questions page here. Please email any additional questions or issues to When emailing customer support, please include screenshots that help describe your issue. If you need additional help or don’t have an email, you may leave a voicemail at (202) 972-4022

Please do not call the facility for additional support. Please use the customer support options above for assistance.

You can access Connect from any iPhone or Android device.

STEP 1 - Download the App

For iPhone:

If you are on an iPhone you need to first download TestFlight, found at this link:

Once you’ve downloaded TestFlight, you can then click this link to download the Connect app:

For Android:

If you are on an Android phone, you do not need to download TestFlight. You only have to click this link to download the Connect app:

STEP 2: Create and Verify your Account

After creating an account you will be asked to verify your identity. For this step, you will need a government-issued ID (such as a driver’s license or a passport). You will then be asked to take three photos:

  • The front of your photo ID

  • The back of your photo ID

  • A selfie of you holding your ID with the photo ID facing the camera.
    (see the demo video for more help)

Important Note: only the visitation staff will have access to your documents!

STEP 3: Verify your Account

After you submit your photos, you can then add your incarcerated contact by clicking ‘Request Contact’. On this page you must select the incarcerated individual’s facility. Then you can find your contact by searching by their name or inmate ID number.

STEP 4: Facility Approval

After you add your contact, the Iowa DOC will then approve you as an approved video visitor. Once you are approved, we will notify you so you can start scheduling video calls or in-person visits with your loved one.

STEP 5: Schedule your 1st Call or In-Person Visit!

On the app, click on ‘Schedule Event, where you can select the type and time of your visit.

STEP 6: Talk to your loved one, Friend, etc!

Easy: when it is your scheduled visit time, you can open the Connect app and join the call, or if the visit is in-person, come to the facility at the scheduled time.