Electrophoresis power supply kit

This is a kit for making a 27 -100 V variable power supply for electrophoresis.

The electrophoresis power supply kit includes the following parts:

  • Power supply PCB - electrophoresis power supply PCB w/ display v 1.0
  • Electronic components - 20 through-hole components for through-hole soldering
  • LCD display
  • Enclosure - Clear acrylic enclosure. The enclosure is very easy to assemble.
  • Hardware - All of the hardware for assembly of the power supply unit including screws, standoffs and mini-screwdriver

Additional equipment

  • Soldering equipment
  • Wire clippers
  • 15 V, 1.6 A DC power supply: 2.1 mm plug, center +ve, e.g. Jameco Cat # 380173
  • For connecting to an electrophoresis tank you can use banana plug/banana jack cords: e.g. Pomona Electronics Cat # 4702-24-0 (black, 24”) and 4702-24-2 (red, 24”).

Note that the 15V power supply and banana plug/banana jack cords can be purchased with the kit.