Design & Manufacture

In this course candidates develop creative and practical skills by designing and making solutions to real problems. In addition, they gain an understanding of the impact of design and manufacture on everyday life.

Course Assessment (National 5)

  • Question Paper - 80 marks (44% of total)
  • Assignment: Design - 55 marks (31%)
  • Assignment: Manufacture - 45 marks (25%)

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Notes (restricted access)

Design Theory Booklet


Materials & Manufacturing Theory Booklet



SQA Course Specification


SQA Specimen Paper

DesignandManufacture - N5 Specimen Question Paper.pdf

Past Papers

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Video Playlists

Each of the following playlists brings together a collection of videos based on a key area of the course.

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Videos showing techniques for producing quick models or prototypes of product designs.

Emerging Technologies

3D printing, laser cutting, CNC machines, etc.

Commercial Manufacture

Manufacturing processes used in industry, such as injection moulding, rotational moulding, vacuum forming, die casting & sand casting.

Useful Websites & Channels

Don't be put off by the basic look - this site has tonnes of really good information covering the whole course.

Some excellent videos on materials and manufacturing from the new BBC Bitesize.

YouTube channel created by Neil Walker, another Scottish Design & Technology teacher. Demonstrations of sketching and rendering.