som terrassa


Terrassa is one of the most important cities in Catalonia with a very rich history, culture and industry. You are all part of Terrassa, you will contribute to its future, and you should be very proud of it!

Soon, a large group of students from the Netherlands will come to Terrassa and they will visit the city with you. You will be the tour guides for the Dutch students in Terrassa!

Tour guides are responsible for helping people visit new places and, of course, they have an excellent knowledge about the points of interest of these places, but... do you really know Terrassa?

In this project you will become familiar with the historical centre of Terrassa, you will find out more about its cultural, industrial and modernist heritage and you will explore Vallparadís, the biggest urban park in Catalonia. All this will help you become a great tour guide. Let's start!


  • Discover and learn more about Terrassa
  • Write about your favourite spot in town
  • Learn to use maps and create routes on maps
  • Ask and give directions in English
  • Write short texts about points of interest in Terrassa

final objectiveS

This project has two objectives:

1st - Create the SOM TERRASSA tourist website with detailed information about your town. The website will include eight walking tours round the town centre to explore Terrassa on foot, the best way to discover a new town. The walking tours will have different focus to make sure everybody has the best experience in Terrassa.

2nd - Become tour guides for a day for the Dutch visitors. You will lead a walking tour and take our Dutch visitors round the most special places in Terrassa. To succeed, you will have to show great knowledge of Terrassa and communication skills to make it a memorable experience.