Raise a Red Flag for Gun Safety

What is The Red Flag Law?

The Red Flag Law is a law that allows family, friends, and the police to take away people’s firearms if they are a danger to themselves or others. Connecticut was the first state to pass the law in 1999 followed by Indiana in 2005. More recently, California passed a similar law in 2014, followed by Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, Florida, Vermont, Maryland, Rhode Island, and New Jersey. Since the law was passed in 1999 in Connecticut they have seen a 13.7% reduction of gun deaths. Also in a poll taken by the Washington Post, 71% of people strongly agree and 14% somewhat agree with the law. 42% of mass (large) shooters have had warning signs before doing their crimes.

Why is it important to make this a federal law?

"The Red Flag Law should be all over the US because some people should not have a gun because they can kill / hurt themselves or others. We should have the red flag law because it saved lives in the states that have the red flag law already." ~Alyssa

"I think that we should have the Red Flag Law all over the USA. If we don’t then people are dangerous could go to a different state that doesn’t have this rule and get a gun and go back to their original state. If they do that then they can go and do things that they are not supposed to do. This is why I think that we should have the Red Flag Law all over the USA." ~Maddie

"I think the law should be all over the US because it will keep the whole country safer and healthier. -Sarah

What can people do?

Write to your senator and representative and tell them that we should have a Red Flag law in every state.

What should I say?

Script for Email or Letter:

Dear Senator/Representative _________________________,

We ask that you propose a bill to make the Red Flag Law a federal law. The Red Flag Law has been around almost 20 years and the U.S.A. would be much safer if all the states were allowed to take away a gun or a firearm if it was being used unsafely or if someone is mentally unwell and has one. We also want the law to prevent deaths, school shootings, and suicides. Each day 96 Americans die from gun violence. That means 672 people die a week from guns. That is just unacceptable! There have been multiple school shootings this year. All these results are from guns getting into the wrong hands. The Red Flag Law would lower the numbers of school shootings, suicides and deaths a year. Thank you for listening and please consider making the Red Flag Law a law in every state. It would save a lot of lives.

Script for Phone Call:

Hello, my name is _____________ and I am a citizen from __________________________. Many states, such as Massachusetts, recently passed the Red Flag Law, to prevent school shootings, suicides, and death from guns. I am calling to ask Senator/Representative _________________________ to help make the Red Flag Law a federal law. This is important because statistics have shown that people are safer in states that have adopted this law. All U.S. citizens should feel safe. Thank you, and I hope Senator/Representative _________________________ will consider proposing this bill.

Find your senator and representative here:


Here are the numbers and emails that we found for students at Innovation Academy Charter School in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts:


Representative Niki Tsongas (3rd District)

Washington DC office:

Phone: 202-225-3411

Other Phone: 978-459-010

Ways to contact Niki Tsongas

U.S. Representative Seth Moulton (6th District)

Phone: 978-531-1669

Link for website to contact Seth Moulton


U.S Senator Ed Markey

Phone: 617-565-8519

Boston office phone number: 617-565-8519

link for website to contact Edward Markey

U.S Senator Elizabeth Warren

Phone: 617-286-6719

Washington DC phone: 202-224-4543

Boston phone: 617-565-3170

link for website to contact Elizabeth Warren