inlabru is an extensions of the R-INLA package and makes use of its most recent features. In order to use inlabru you will need the latest TESTING version of INLA

install.packages("INLA", repos="")

Recommended packages

Some packages are not strictly required to run inlabru but we still recommend to install them, especially if you want to run the workshop practicals. Run the following code in R to install them:

notinstalled <- setdiff(
  c("devtools", "sp", "ggplot2", "rgdal", "rgeos", "testthat",
    "ggmap", "rgl", "sphereplot", "raster", "Matrix",
    "maptools", "mgcv", "shiny", "spatstat", "RColorBrewer"),
if (length(notinstalled) > 0) install.packages(notinstalled)

Obtaining inlabru from CRAN

There are two ways of installing inlabru. Since inlabru is now part of the CRAN library,


will be sufficient to install a version that has been thoroughly tested.

Obtaining inlabru from Github (e.g. for workshops)

Alternatively, you can make use of the inlabru source code hosted on Github, which requires the devtools library. The commands

devtools::install_github("fbachl/inlabru", ref="devel", dependencies = TRUE)

will install the latest development version of inlabru.