11th April 2021 Do it yourself Duathlon for FUn, FRIENDLY COMPETITION AND FOR the WIMBLEDON Food bank

Enrolment is now closed if you would like to make a late application please email: stuart@infonation.io

Event briefing video and detailed information is below

Thank you everyone!

We have raised £900 for local families in need via Wimbledon Food bank.

Sunday April 11th 2021: This is a different type of Duathlon - DIY version

For those of you doing the full format it is this order:

5km run (local lap), 43km bike (4 clockwise laps in Richmond Park entering at Roehampton Gate) 10km run (2 local laps).

You have to do this sequence and format to complete the full event. We suggest you get out early, notably get the bike laps done when the park is quiet (it gets very busy from about 0800 on Sundays). Safer and more fun to go fast with less traffic... Twilight that day is 05:40. So get an early night and some carbs in. Suggest do the 5km run as a warm up and then get the lungs firing around the park! Save something for the final x 2 laps run - the climb up past the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club is a killer!! Start times are up to you. You must finish by 12 noon.


EQUIPMENT: we want this to be inclusive and safe. NO TRIBARS permitted on the bike leg. Strava - get your tech sorted so you do the routes right. If the times are not on Strava we can't work timings out. If you have not done these segments before - do them to check all of that pre race day so they register.

OBEY RULES OF THE ROAD - stay super safe in transition bike legs, going earlier on the bike in this format helps with that and fewer cyclists on the road.

MAYBE PICK AN EVENT BUDDY - you may choose to try and drop them early on or you may think together in a two on the bikes you can improve your times by sharing some of the effort and drafting... Your call on this just stay safe on the bikes. In build up to race day 11th April having that buddy can mean you check stuff / do some training together etc...

COVID COMPLIANCE: do not participate in more than twos on the run, you can choose to do larger groups on the bike - up to 6 (you will be quicker ;). If you catch people on the run or cycle they should let you through. We are NOT an organised event or elite sports people so for us to rule of two applies throughout. Be respectful to pedestrians and other road users and be safe as a priority.


Taking part: - participant armbands: There will be rainbow ribbon ties competitors can choose to tie around an arm or leg to show others they are taking part. 26 of these will be tied to a cord around the postbox on Ashen Grove / Melrose Avenue from 05:30.

05:00 - 12 noon: completing the disciplines: you can compete the disciplines with breaks as long as you wish but you must complete them in the order prescribed: 5km run, 43km cycle, 10km run! You must complete all by 12 noon. Results will be updated, times registered after that will be excluded.

12:30 - 1pm BURGERS AND MEDALS READY FOR COLLECTION FROM CAFE LUPO, there may be a couple of other goodies too.

1pm - 2:30pm Prize-giving, and an outside socially distant drink. There will be an open zoom (already circulated in the Whatsapp group). sWeather and personal preference permitting, some competitors may choose to gather in socially distanced groups of 6 or less at the far end of the rec. DO NOT invite your families or other non competitors and do not gather in groups of more than 6 or anywhere but the far end of the rec.

Final repetitive ask: do be mindful and respectful of social distancing - notably in the run keep your distance from others it is NOT considerate to suck air and push out your lungs near others in public spaces.


  1. Do at least one practice of each segment before 11th April - know the course before the day

  2. Pick an event buddy to train / motivate / compete with as you feel you may or may not need to

  3. Plan your fluid and nutrition for the day - you could even choose to place some on the course in a discreet location...

  4. Do a tech check if using a phone, Garmin device etc - make sure its working and fully charged. We need the times on Strava.

Gadget top tip: if using a garmin and or wahoo device and have the paying strava account version remember to favourite the segments with a star and sync them with your device beforehand. Either way be completely clear on where they start and finish as per below else you wont get them registered...

Links to the segments and some tips on doing them

5km Run: it's called SW19MAMILSWPLapinlockdown: originally created by Mr R Day. Make sure you favourite it. Starts on Melrose Avenue by the postbox at the end of Ashen Grove and goes through Southfields left along Wimbledon Park Rd up the hill pas Wimbledon Tennis , past the church, down Home Park road and finishes on Melrose Avenue be sure to run all the way to McCluskeys or the segment may not register.. See below for more detail: https://www.strava.com/segments/23587428

43km Bike: its called: Richmond Park 4 lap LRP TT (it is a hidden segment so you need to search for it then favourite it - click the star on it) : Starts as you turn left from the roundabout at Roehampton Gate and finishes on the 4th lap just before the roundabout back at Roehampton Gate https://www.strava.com/segments/21718763

10km Run: finishing with 2 x SW19MAMILSWPLapinlockdown but to make it the full 10km you must start at McKluskeys and YOU MUST FINISH AT END OF ELSENHAM STREET ON REPLINGHAM SOUTHFIELDS!! Thanks to Chris Brooking for setting out the segment: https://www.strava.com/segments/27793763 The legs will be burning by this stage... It is two and a bit laps of the first segment https://www.strava.com/segments/23587428.

You should know and hat the hill climb in the run by then :) Happy training all. Final intel on the Charity we are supporting and the prizes:

You can do the event solo or in a team as you choose - great if you do all three disciplines but it is not compulsory. Organise and name your own teams


1. Fastest overall MAMIL and MAWIL (x 3 segment times added together)

2. Gutsiest performance (you or left it all out there...)

3. Most improved MAMIL / MAWIL of 2020-21

4. Most spirited team effort (you can have as many competitors in your team as you wish - you just need to complete the overall disciplines

5. Best finishers photo! Ideally a photo at or near the start line - maybe one you take yourself or planned with support from your buddy or a family member.

5km Run starts at postbox on Ashen Grove and finishes by McKluskeys: This clearly shows the start and finish point of the 5km run segment - Suggest you start a little before the junction of Ashen Grove and finish a little after McCluskeys on Revelstoke else the segment may not register!!

10km Run IS LONGER and starts at McKlusekys but to finish it you need to end up in Southfields on Replingham Road.

The cycle starts as you turn off the roundabout at Roehampton Gate and finishes after x 4 laps once you return to it