How To Build A Full-Time Salary With Residuals

No Experience Necessary - Just Need The Drive To Succeed

Build $50,000 Residual in Less Than Year

What Is Impact Payment Partners?

Impact Payment Partner is a division of Impact PaySystem. Impact PaySystem is a 20 year old company based out of Cordova, TN. Impact provides merchant services (Credit Card Processing) to thousands of merchants and have hundreds of sales agents throughout the US, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Due to our focus on providing exceptional service, we proudly have maintained A+ BBB rating for over 19 years.

Impact Payment Partner is structured like a franchise. We train you to find merchants, help sign them up, help you set them up, new products and maintain all service related calls. Our agents are true partners, and run this as their business. Once you complete the training, you will become a Managing Partner.

No Prior Merchant Services Experience Needed

We have developed a system that allows anyone with a drive and motivation, can be successful at selling our products. We have taken what would be 6 months of training and created an online training system that can be completed less then 90 minutes,

Our back office support does the savings analysis, coaching and helping close deals! You can help merchants save thousands of dollars every month, and get paid to do it!

What Product Am I Selling?

Impact PaySystem has created a proprietary product to help merchants save thousands of dollars.

iBuxx is our program that helps pass the cost of processing credit cards to the card holder. This helps merchants save thousand of dollars. For example: If a merchant paid $ 1000 in credit card processing fees, they would save $970.05 monthly, as they would only pay $ 29.95 (for our traditional iBuxx Program). Whats even better, is that the business will get a free credit card processing machine placement and there is no long term obligation as it is a month to month processing without a long term commitment.

*The above residuals reflect continued boarding of new accounts based on the deals per month listed on the column Average Deals Month

How much can I earn?

This really depends on the effort you put in. If you board 2 iBuxx merchant accounts every month for 12 months (24 Accounts with $50k volume) by month 12 your residuals should be over $54,000 a year1 and $270,000 by year 5 (yellow highlighted column).

Your income will come from, commission on the monthly residual income. In addition, we have bonuses set for per IBuxx account ranging from $ 15 to over $ 1000, depending on the processing volume. Processing volume is the amount of sales they accept in Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express each month.

What does it cost?

We do not charge a sign-up fee, however, we charge a $ 49 for the cost of the business tool kit. We will reimburse the $ 49 charge after you board your first account. If you are currently facing hardship, we can wave the this charge. Please fill out the form and let the us know, in the comment section, and request the waiver.

  • Online Training

  • 500 Business Cards

  • Marketing Collaterals (On going marketing materials is free of charge).

  • Leather Pad-folio

  • Personal Coaching