SOARing @ iMiddle

S = Safety

Safety First! Our students follow all safety guidelines to make sure they have a safe place to learn and be the best they can be!

O = Ownership

Taking ownership of their assignments, test scores, and behavior means that our students know they are responsible for the results of their actions.

A = Attitude

Our students know that having a positive "can do" attitude and desire to do their best is a HUGE step toward being successful!

R = Respect

iMiddle students having respect toward teachers, staff and each other goes a long way toward our students having an awesome learning environment.

The students at Innovation Middle School know what it means to SOAR!

We hold a weekly raffle to give prizes to students that have really earned some special recognition. These students go above an beyond, doing great things, and aren't getting these prizes given to them for nothing...they earn them by being outright awesome! Since there are a limited amount of prizes and a large amount of awesome kids at Innovation Middle School, we just didn't think the prizes were enough to honor these SOARing students! Listed below are students that have been recommended for prizes multiple times and may (or may not) have had their names drawn in the weekly raffles.