This is Chris Grier’s web site. I'm an engineer at Google. Before Google I was a software engineering team lead at Databricks. Before that I did security research and I worked in Vern Paxson’s group at ICSI and UC Berkeley. I've been part of CESR and CCIED-- a team composed of researchers from ICSI and UC San Diego.

In general I work on computer security topics, and have published papers on my work in malware, social network abuse, and the internet underground. Besides that, I’m proficient in several programming languages, such as Python and Scala, and reasonably apt at working with and setting up Spark, Hadoop and map reduce. I have experience working on AWS in both development and production environments.

The Chris Grier ACM author page, DBLP and Google Scholar list some of my research publications, the Research page also has them and contains links to PDFs.

I'm an ACM Queue editorial board member.


I started running in 2010, and ran my first race, 9 miles (at the Big Sur Marathon, it was awesome!). I ran the SF half marathon in the summer of 2011 and placed in the top 10% of my age group (20-29). Since then I ran the 2012 Big Sur 10.6 miler in 1:27:23 (8:15/mi pace). I ran in the California International Marathon (Sacramento, CA) in December 2012. I did a full marathon (26.2mi) in 4:36, with 30mph winds and rain flooded streets. I’m still working on distance, and occasionally trying to get a little faster.

I often run with my dogs Caprica and Clyde.

Races so far:

    • 9mi, Big Sur International Marathon 2011
    • 13.1mi, SF Marathon first half 2011
    • 10.6mi, Big Sur International Marathon 2012
    • 13.1mi, SF Marathon first half 2012
    • 26.2mi, California International Marathon Dec, 2012
    • 30km, Redwood Park Trail Run (March, 2013)
    • Olympic distance triathlon, WildFlower (May, 2013)
    • 13.1mi, SF Marathon (June, 2013)
    • 13.1mi, Rock and Roll Marathon Chicago half (July, 2013)
    • 13.1mi, Northface Endurance Challenge (Dec, 2013)
    • ...
    • 6mi, Point Pinole 10km (Sept 2016)
    • 13.1mi, Northface Endurance Challenge (Dec, 2016)

Illinois — I went to graduate school at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the electrical and computer engineering department, and received both my M.S. and Ph.D. there. When I was at Illinois I worked in the Computer Science building with Professor Sam King and the other grad students in our group: Anthony Cozzie, Shuo Tang and Frank Stratton. I also worked with Professor David Nicol and was part of two groups in the Coordinated Science Lab: the Center for Reliable and High-Performance Computing (CRHC) and the Information Trust Institute (ITI) at UIUC.

UIUC had a student group called SIGMIL which did security stuff at UIUC. It was a great group that focused on security oriented projects. I also ran ACM as president for a year and worked heavily on corporate involvement for the ACM Conference and other events. I also served on the SORF board for 3 years where I was responsible for allocating several million dollars to student organizations.