Duriyasilp College of Music, Payap University

Founded originally Department of Music since 1974 B.E.


To produced well-educated musicians with excellent musical skills as well as high morals and the ability to shore their skills with the community and the nation.


Western music education building citizen ready for worldwide success.


  1. To improve the standards of music education in Thailand so that Thai musical performance, production, composition and academic understanding are equal in quality to well respected institutions of music all over the world

  2. To improve and expand musical research and scholarship, beneficial uses of music in society, conservation of Thai traditional music, graduates who will show excellence in musical vocations

  3. Organize and encourage musical research, seminars and special musical projects and music businesses


  1. To give students skills and knowledge of music with high standards of performance and deportment

  2. To inspire research and development in music

  3. To share and spread musical learning

  4. To conserve traditional music

  5. To prepare students for musical vocations



  • Student recitals

  • Faculty and guest concerts

  • Public performances nationwide and abroad

Creative Endeavors

  • Compositions by students and faculty

  • Professional recording of CD’s in sound studio

Academic Service

  • Center for performance and theory exams by Trinity College of London

  • Academy of music for training younger Students

  • Symphony orchestra practices and performances


Master's Degree

Curriculum (2 years)

This program is for experienced musicians who wish to sharpen their skills to prepare for high standards of music vacation in society.

Courses of Study

  • Music Education

  • Music Composition

  • Western Music Performance

Requirements for Entering Students

  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent

  • Applicants for the music education track must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in music or at least 1 years’ experience in teaching music.

  • Applicants who intend to study the composition track must have performance skills on at least one instrument (or voice) and examples of original compositions to present.

  • Applicants applying for the performance course of study must possess a high level of skill in performing an instrument or singing Western music.

Bachelor’s Degree

Curriculum (4 years)

This program has a variety of choices for music students to explore many type of music and many directions for modern music vocations The emphasis is on dedicated practice of one instrument (or voice) so that the graduate may be considered an expert on that instrument Graduates will also be equipped to pursue many different musical careers of to further their studies in graduate school

Requirements for Applicants

  1. Should have completed Matayom 6 (high School) or the equivalent

  2. Can sing and/or play at least one instrument, read Western notation, and sight-read new music on that instrument

  3. Can perform basic sight singing and dictation exercises