Students were able to learn about different adaptations of animals and the mixtures of ingredients to make a tasty smoothie. The owner of Juice it up also donated some of the proceeds back to our school. Students also enjoyed and picnic lunch.  

Regional English Spelling Bee Students did a great job!! 

Congratulations to Lawrence Franciscus 3rd, Kinsey Krueger 6th, and Hannah Umar 7th!

Please Note: The campus is closed 

for testing on the dates below

We are so proud of our Eagles! 

Andres & Fang competed this week. 

Congratulations Andres on your win!



(Expression of the Week)


(Academic Word of the Week)

Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be On Time 

OUTSTANDING day of parent 

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We love our parents !!! 

A big thank you for making our school the best in the Brazos