ECE555: Control of Stochastic Systems

Term: Fall 2020

Prerequisites: ECE 534 (Random Processes) and ECE 515 (Control System Theory and Design)

Instructor: Prof. R. Srikant,

TAs: Joseph Lubars ( and Siddhartha Satpathi (

Office Hours: Joseph: 4-5 Tu, 5-6 Wed; Siddhartha: 5-6 Tu, 4-5 Wed; Srikant: after class

Lectures: 11-12:20 TuTh, via zoom (link is on Compass 2G under announcements)

Topics (Time Permitting):

  • MDPs

  • LQG Problems

  • Controlled Diffusions

Grading :


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  • The notes of Profs. Tamer Basar, Ali Belabbas, Aditya Mahajan, Max Raginsky, Ramon van Handel, and Richard Weber; except for the first one, the rest are available online