Back to School 2020

Hello iLEAD Lancaster Families! We have missed you all so much and hope you have had an enjoyable summer! The following information will serve as a guide for you in starting the 20/21 school year. Please read through carefully and mark important dates. Questions may be emailed directly to or you may leave a message at 661-722-4287 and a member of our office team will return your call as quickly as possible. Please keep in mind that our team is working remotely so the call returned to you will not be from the school phone number. Voicemails will be left when possible.

Virtual Office Hours are Monday - Friday 8am to 4pm

Distance Learning Class Hours are Monday - Thursday 8:30am to 3pm

Friday - Specific Class Morning Meeting/Advisory Time

First Day of School: Tuesday August 25th

iLEAD Lancaster Charter School Key Contacts

School Director - Nykole Kent (

iLEADer Resident - Sajae Davison (

Office Manager - Christy Monroe (

School Nurse - Noemi Blanco (

Lunch Program Coordinator - Brandy Leopard (

Special Education Coordinator - Gris Ibarra (

Please visit for detailed information about our school including the Academic and Community Calendars, Monday Message, curriculum and PBL information, staff directory, and so much more!

It's time to check out technology!


1) Our goal is to issue tech to each learner but inventory is limited. Please request tech for those that truly have no other tech available to them. We hope to have more inventory soon and will update you as soon as possible.


2) When picking up technology please enter through the west end parking lot by Kinder. Our staff will come to your car to make it quick and easy!

MacBook Airs

3) Please click here Tech Reservation to submit your reservation and pick up date.

4) Save this link for future help with technical issues!

Virtual Meet the Facilitator:

Learners and parents are invited to meet their facilitator and classmates via zoom! There are 3 days planned to accommodate zoom meetings. Zoom links will be emailed to parents directly the day before meetings. Class rosters will be released by Tuesday August 18th. Please note that paper-packet learning is not an option this semester. Facilitators will provide support to all families that need assistance with zoom and Powerschool. Look for a Powerschool tutorial to be released soon! Facilitators will share information regarding schedules and Powerschool.

Please join during your learner's grade level time. In addition to the group meetings, facilitators will connect with parents personally with a phone call between August 19th and August 24th.

Wednesday August 19th

TK/Kinder 4:00p 6th Grade 5:00p 1st Grade 6:00p

Thursday August 20th

4th Grade 4:00p 2nd Grade 5:00p 8th Grade 6:00p

Innovation Studios (6, 7, 8) 6:00p

Friday August 21st

3rd Grade 4:00p 5th Grade 5:00p 7th Grade 6:00p

Breakfast and Lunch Service:

Monday - Friday 9am to 11am

Beginning August 25th meals can be picked up through the west end valet line by the Kinder area. Billing for meals will resume as well. Check back for menus soon! Please submit the Multipurpose Family Income Form. This form needs to be filled out for every learner and submitted each year by October 1. It can be submitted in a variety of ways. You can fill it out via a fillable PDF (attached) and email it to, fill out a paper form (attached in English, attached in Spanish) and drop it off at the meal distribution site Monday-Friday from 9:00-11:00 AM, or — in our newest, completely digital way — you can complete it via the My Mealtime online platform. This new option ensures the confidentiality of your form and can be done from home. Please see the attached instructions (here and here) on how to access this option. Please email all forms (by October 1) and any questions to It is important for EVERY family to fill out this form because doing so helps bring much-needed additional money and services directly to our school!

Attendance Requirements and Reporting for the 20/21 School Year

iLEAD Lancaster Charter School will record and report attendance based on new state legislation regarding distance learning. This means that we will reinforce attendance expectations and track daily attendance and participation of all learners. Expectations include following assigned schedules with participating in daily live zoom meetings, logging into Powerschool and completing assignments, working independently on research and projects, participating in zoom sessions for live workshops, and watching pre-recorded guided lessons. *Please note that paper-packet learning is not an option this semester. Facilitators will provide support to all families that need assistance with zoom and Powerschool.

If a learner will not be able to attend their scheduled zooms, log onto Powerschool, or complete any project work for a day then we ask that parents report them as absent. Absences can be reported by leaving a message on the school voicemail at 661-722-4287, using the Report an Absence option under "Contact Us" on our website,, emailing, or informing your learners' facilitator.

Daily absence notifications will be sent to parents via Parent Square whose learners were marked absent. Parents can respond to that notice as well to report the absence.

Thank you in advance for encouraging and supporting daily attendance with your learners. We truly enjoy having the opportunity to be such an important part of their education and social emotional growth!

Please download the Parent Square App on your phone so that you may receive important text, call, and app notifications regarding school news. If you receive an error message preventing you from creating an account, please email for assistance.

Let's Get Together for a Welcome Back Parade!!

Join our iLEAD Facilitators and Staff as we cheer parents and learners into the 20/21 school year!

Monday August 24th at 3pm.

School supplies will be handed out as cars drive through the valet line.

Thank you to our wonderful iLEAD staff for collecting and organizing the donations from our community for our learners!