International Conference on

Fundamental and Advanced Research in Chemistry 


(6-8 June, 2024)

Indian Institute of Technology Mandi, H.P., India

 About the Conference

School of Chemical Sciences (SCS), Indian Institute of Technology Mandi (IIT Mandi), Himachal Pradesh, India, is organizing an ‘International Conference on Fundamental and Advanced Research in Chemistry (FARC - 2024)’ during 6th-8th June 2024. The conference would be dedicated to the current research being conducted on different aspects of chemistry. In recent years, there is tremendous growth in the research areas of chemistry providing different alternatives for society. The focus of the conference is on the current research on fundamental and applied chemistry in different areas of chemical sciences, material sciences, spectroscopy, microscopy, and imaging. This meeting is intended to provide a vibrant platform for interaction between distinguished researchers from different parts of the country along with several distinguished eminent scientists in the world. The audience will especially be experimental and theoretical chemists, light and electron microscopic imaging experts, material scientists. The international conference will provide an excellent platform for brainstorming among young and experienced researchers, academicians, technologists, and policy planners for the betterment of the future. The conference will include several eminent speakers around the globe along with short talks and poster presentations.  We invite bright scientific minds from research, academia, industries and government organizations who can join hands together for betterment of human life. The organizing committee heartily welcomes you to attend the conference for its successful accomplishments.

Key Topics

About Indian Institute of Technology Mandi

The Indian Institute of Technology Mandi (IIT Mandi) is located in Kamand Valley, Mandi city in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. Mandi has an average elevation of 1044 meters (3425 feet) and is situated on the banks of Beas. Mandi town falls in the lower most climatic zone of the Himalayas. These regions enjoys a wet-sub temperate climate of the foothills (450-900 meters) as against the dry-cold alpine climate with snowfall at higher altitudes (2400-4800 meters). IIT Mandi has been established with a vision to be a leader in Science and Technology  education, knowledge creation and innovation. IIT Mandi is a youthful and a vibrant destination for the pursuit of knowledge creation and excellence. The campus of IIT Mandi is very well-known for the scenic beauty of the campus itself. A lots of beautiful place surrounding the campus make more attractive to the researchers.

Nearby Place to Visit

Mandi City @800m elevation

Prashar Lake @2700m elevation

Solang Valley @2600m elevation

Atal tunnel @3000m elevation

Keylong @3200m elevation

Sissu @3120m elevation