Arpit Khandelwal
Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur


Welcome fellas !!!

I am currently working as an Assistant Professor at the Electrical Engineering department of IIT Jodhpur (from January 2018). I had completed my B.Tech from VIT Pune in 2013 and my PhD from IIIT Hyderabad in 2017. Before joining IIT Jodhpur, I worked as a project associate with CHESS, DRDO, Hyderabad. My research areas can be broadly classified into IoT and Photonics.

In IoT, I work on application specific system development encompassing every aspect of IoT - sensors, microcontrollers, communication, data processing, edge and cloud computing.  I have been involved in developing IoT systems for Smart Healthcare, Water Quality Monitoring, Air Quality Monitoring and Nuclear Radiation Sensing.

In Photonics, I work on modeling of optical sensors like ring laser gyros and biosensors. I have also been involved in development of high-power beam combination systems and photonic microwave generation devices.