Sustainable Process Systems engineering research LAB


Research at the PSE lab focuses on Systems Scale Modelling, Optimization and Control Approaches for Water Systems towards Sustainable Development. We develop Decision Support Frameworks that can aid in decision-making on various water quality challenges in drinking, industrial and agricultural water systems. These include development of various computational frameworks and models, including reactive-transport modeling, large-scale optimization formulations for network systems, augmented intelligence with data-driven modeling and first-principles calculations, and, integrate them in Smart Water Infrastructure Framework for water quality monitoring and management.

Contact- Principal Investigator

Dr. Abhilasha Maheshwari

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering

Room 219, 1st Floor, Materials Engg. Building

Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur

NH 62 Nagaur Road, Karwar, Jodhpur, (Rajasthan) 342037


Phone: 0291-280-1713