Organic Synthesis


Chemical Biology


We are a young research group working in the area of synthetic organic chemistry and chemical biology. In the humble surroundings of a budding institute, we are creating research facilities in order to give shape to our initial ideas. The group has expertise in ideating as well as providing organic synthesis support to answer fundamental questions of biological interest. We would be happy to hear from potential collaborators at any time.

Prinicipal Investigator

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemistry

School of Chemical & Biological Sciences (SCBS),



Research Interests & Themes


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  • Feb. 2019: A part of our research interests was recently covered in BioVoice News. More about it here.
  • Feb. 2019: A new paper describing the phenotypic discovery of Myokinasib, a kinase inhibitor with unprecedented chemotype targeting MLCK-1 was accepted for publication in Cell Chem. Biol. Rishi is one of the coauthors. You can read the paper here.
  • Feb. 2019: Rushil Fernandes has joined our lab after completing his PhD. Welcome Rushil and good luck with your efforts!
  • Aug. 2018: Krishna Mhaske joined as the 1st PhD student of the group. Welcome Krishna!
  • May 2018: Pranav Sreekumar from IISER Bhopal and Anand C. P. from Madras Christian College spent the summer of '18 in the group working on a review article. They were ably helped by Chiluveru Krishna, an IIT Goa B. Tech student. Thank you guys!!