Autonomous Systems @Illinois Tech

Welcome to the Autonomous Systems Group @ Illinois Tech. Our labs conduct fundamental and applied research on the dynamics and control of autonomous systems. We aim to enable safe implementation of autonomous systems for ground, air and space applications.


The San Francisco Business Times reported that IIT was the fourth ranked school for new hires in autonomous vehicles industry.

You can reach each of our labs web pages from the upper right "Labs" tab. Below are some of our recent collaborative efforts:

Profs. Matthew Spenko and Ankit Srivastava awarded a $2 million, four-year grant to develop the framework to understand the modeling, sensing, control, design, and fabrication of a new class of soft robots

Profs. Matthew Spenko and Boris Pervan, along with Prof. Ron Henderson of the School of Architecture were awarded a $750,000, three-year grant to study the intersection of localization safety and urban landscape design.