Center for Entrepreneurial Skill and Capacity Induction (CESCI)


A not for profit center at Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad (IIITA), Prayagraj, CESCI is dedicated to built requisite skill among the youths and built the necessary capacity to take entrepreneurial ventures in their life and consequently promote Innovation & Entrepreneurship. It will be a pedestal to help skill and knowledge driven enterprises to establish and prosper under organized scientific guidance. It will facilitate swift commercialization of a product based on use of necessary skill and technology. The main objective of the CESCI will be to produce skill based young entrepreneurs and built the essential capacity so that they can take up their own independent ventures in life be it any business enterprise or any other venture. These people will be finally acting as the change agent in the society which in the long run will create job, commercialize new technologies, and strengthen national economies and ultimately help in fulfilling the dream of ATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT. The people joining a programme under the banner of CESCI will not only benefit from business and technical assistance, they also benefit from official affiliation with the Centre, a supportive community with an entrepreneurial environment, direct link to entrepreneurs and various agencies, and immediate networking and commercial opportunities with other bodies.


“To motivate, build and promote skill development, capacity building, development of innovative ideas and using the developed capacity to implement those ideas. To build an environment that will facilitate the creation of new ventures through skill development and research and empower the people to apply their enhanced capacities to develop entrepreneurship to find out solutions to the societal problems”.

Digital Transformation (DX) and Business Continuity in 2021+

a 3-day on-line conference (xx - yy Nov'21)

Department of Management Studies and CESCI

The CESCI will be made operational under the banner of Department of Management Studies, IIITA. Since the department is in the business of proving business and management education, the centre will be directly beneficial and a support to the centre by undertaking some activities which are directly or indirectly linked with the promotion of business as well as management education in the country. Many of the graduates from the Department goes for undertaking entrepreneurship as a career and in this respect the services of the centre will be of great help. The proposed ‘finishing school’ of the center will cater to the needs of not only the students of the Department but other students too. Besides, the centre will provide consultancy to the industries in the areas related to entrepreneurship and capacity building and this will go a long way in building strong industry-academia interface. The centre would provide opportunity for vertical as well as horizontal growth to the department. The proposed ‘finishing school’ will run one year programme of 32 credits in which the targeted participants will be the post-graduate students and students having industrial background. Thus, it is a vertical growth opportunity for the department. The centre would run various programmes such as workshops and conferences, funded projects, consultancy assignments which will help department in spreading its wing and thus, will be horizontal growth opportunity for the department.

Working Committee

  1. Dr Vijayshri Tewari -

  2. Dr Madhvendra Misra -

  3. Dr Ranjit Singh -

  4. Dr Shashi Kant Rai -

Execution Partners

3SR Consultancy is now Execution Partner with IIIT-A Center for Entrepreneurial Skill and Capacity Induction (CESCI)

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