Indian Housing Federation

Indian Housing Federation (IHF) is a not-for-profit organisation with a vision of enabling access to housing for low-income communities.

Incorporated in July 2015, IHF has over four years of domain expertise in the complex and diverse space of housing in India, providing strategic and implementation support to the state governments of Assam, Haryana, Odisha and Tamil Nadu towards achieving the objective of “Housing for All”.

What We Do


It’s important that stakeholders in the affordable housing space work together to create solutions. We’re working to create a collaboration and discussion platform that will help connect everyone, from government to private players to planners.


Working with networks of stakeholders including developers, financiers and citizen sector organisations, we hope to create an ecosystem that catalyses and executes housing projects in multiple locations.


What will it take to solve the affordable housing problem? What are the best ways and means to tackle the issue? IHF’s research division hopes to answer questions like these and more.


We work with multiple practitioners and the government to enable better policy that can enable quality affordable housing at scale on a local and national level.


Providing strategic support and inputs to Governments, we work toward enabling ecosystems of dignified access to low-income housing

Real-Time Data

Working with citizen sector organisations that understand the low-income community deeply, we collect real-time market data that can help research, business and provide important data to tailor local solutions for affordable housing.


Recognising the importance of diverse stakeholders working together and learning from each other to create innovative solutions for low-income housing, IHF is launching a multi-stakeholder discussion and action platform that will help build partnerships and collaborations among the government and non-government players, both for-profits and non-profits. The platform is ultimately aimed at Universal Access to Housing in India (UnATHI).

Platform UnATHI is envisioned to become one of India’s largest multi-stakeholder platform for inclusive and affordable housing. Initially serving as a knowledge hub and resource centre, the platform is expected to grow into a vibrant community focused on action and advocacy to enable solutions for low-income housing at scale. Growth and evolution of Platform UnATHI will be driven through IHF's Networks, which in turn will be supported through actionable intelligence from ongoing research and strategic implementation support conducted by IHF across India.

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