¿Un barrio sin igual?

Of course! Each neighborhood has its own peculiarities, its characteristics, its history, and finally, but most important: its people. The people who inhabit the neighborhood gives it its own unique personality.

And this is what happens in our neighborhood: Torrero-La Paz-Venecia, which is extended because some of us live in Parque Venecia.

What is this project about?

It's about cities, and more specifically, our closest surroundings: Torrero-La Paz-Venecia neighborhood.

And how are we going to make it?

By going for a walk through the environment in which it is located: the city. In this occasion: Zaragoza. But we will not stay here. We are going to visit all the cities in the world. We will study their history, functions, the elements we can find in them, their diversity, the economic activities that take place...

During this walk we will make some stops and activities. Some will be individual and other collective, but all of them will allow us to understand what a city is and why do they exist and why are they the way the are.

How far will we get?

As far as the cierzo takes us...or closer. You will make:

a guided tour through the routes you follow on the way to El Blecua,

and a final test in which you show everything you learned during the walk.

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