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IdealBASE is a general purpose business management application suited to all organisations that require some, or all, of the following features:

  • General business documents (quotes, invoices, orders etc.)
  • Repeating Schedules for Quotes, Invoices, Orders and Jobs
  • Job and Manufacturing control
  • CRM
  • Document storage
  • Integration with external accounting systems and other applications
  • Price Book lookup
  • Financial analysis
  • Accessible anywhere using computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones


IdealBASE was first released in 2008. The current version is the 3rd re-development to bring it into the world of the web. It is a feature rich business application that has been optimised for cloud delivery and to mobile devices. If Internet delivery won't suit your organisation then IdealBASE can be supplied as a traditional, on-premises application.

Any Device

IdealBASE has been built to deal with as many different devices as possible:

  • Windows, Apple Mac, Linux computers and laptops
  • iPad, iPhone, iPod touch
  • Android tablet and Android phone
  • Windows phone
  • Chromebook

It's a Big App!

The tablet and mobile phone version is not a cut down version of the desktop - it is the whole of IdealBASE in your pocket! You can still:

  • Print documents
  • Email documents
  • Create and edit quotes, jobs, invoices etc.
  • Make phone calls from within IdealBASE

Easy to use

With only a few mouse clicks (or screen taps) users can move rapidly around IdealBASE using a simple button suite providing direct access to all modules from anywhere within the system - the buttons are the same in every part of IdealBASE. Submenus within the modules give direct access to specific features and functions within those modules.


CRM provides a comprehensive record keeping system for all customers, suppliers and contacts. A history of marketing communications and previous documents (quotes, invoices, orders, credit notes, letters) can all be accessed directly from the record card. Single click phone calls (using VoIP services) and emails are present throughout IdealBASE.

Job Control

Job control provides workshop and management with detailed job information and instructions, and an overview of the workshop processes to get a current working position including future jobs to aid workload management. As processes are completed then they can be removed from the overview so that focus can remain on the remaining tasks.

Document Storage

Document storage is available throughout IdealBASE. A simple drag and drop is all that is required to attach a file to a company, contact, quote, job - in fact, everywhere! Attached files are integrated back through CRM so a Company record will also show files attached through the quotes system.

Price Book

An integrated Price Book allows quantity break discounts and seeds the quotations, invoicing and purchasing modules with cost and sale values which are used to ensure margins are maintained.

System Setup

System setup allows organisations to define their own Price Book, Manufacturing processes and Document templates to ensure consistency of use by everyone. Use you own company logos for letterheads and all other documents for a consistent image.


A simple to use security system that controls access to whole modules, or specific sections of modules, and whether the users may create, delete, print or export data. None of this is ‘hard coded’ and organisations can define their own security settings no matter how many users.


The Documents module generates all your quotations, invoices, purchases orders, credits and letters. It promotes structured usage of the system because there are significant time saving benefits from the in-built automation techniques that convert documents to their next format. For example, a quotation can be converted to a job and then to an invoice once the job has shipped. If you have no manufacturing then just convert from quote to invoice directly.


IdealBASE comes with a range of reports to provide summary and detail of all documents. Reports are not 'hard coded' and organisations can define their own search criteria for any report, including options to print or save to PDF and spreadsheet. Additional reports can be added as part of the customisation services from Idealdata.

Accounting Integration

IdealBASE provides ready made templates to export data to other applications. Sage50 is included as standard and others are available on request. There are also standard EXCEL templates that will import your existing contacts and Price Book information for a quick and easy transition from your existing methods or system.


IdealBASE can be deployed in multiple ways and supports single users, multiple users, on-premises server and data centre hosted server. Data centre servers are pre-paid annual subscription and include support. All other options are one time purchase with optional maintenance and support.

In summary, IdealBASE:

  • Provides day-to-day business documents in an efficient manner
  • Integrates all documents with the CRM records
  • Analyses the business in real time
  • Can be accessed from anywhere, using most popular computers, tablets and mobile phones
  • Will give a professional image through consistent document design and delivery
  • Integrates with popular accounting systems and other applications
  • Can be customised to suit particular requirements

If your organisation needs to look good on paper, respond quickly to customer enquiries and maintain all of your business records in a simple, centralised, easy to use system that you can access wherever you are, then you need IdealBASE.

For more information, a no obligation demonstration, or free trial please contact us:

Idealdata Services Limited. Company Number 10287576. Registered in England & Wales.