Coding Kitchen

Welcome to the Coding Kitchen!

Do you want to introduce your learners to coding and computer science but are not really sure where to start? Hop over to our test kitchen to try on some new recipes. Each recipe is geared towards a specific taste. Try one or try them all!

Your task today is to select an innovative learning experience that focuses on coding. First, select a main ingredient from our pantry below. Each ingredient is linked to a guide, activity or task.

The items on the top shelf are coding apps or tools that require no equipment other than a device. Items on shelf two are arranged by ease of implementation. Some of these tools require hardware. Shelf three are tasks aligned to specific robots and require experience with both coding and robotics.

Still need more? Check out the BIG IDEA's website for more specific tutorials, resources and coding must haves!

*Not seeing exactly what you want? Tweak the recipe! HERE is the link to a blank recipe card. Go shopping for the ingredients you need to make your coding creation a true masterpiece!