Regina Elementary Band

Check out this video from the US Army Field Band. Learn about each band instrument and hear examples to help you choose your instrument.

Here's a video to help you remember how to understand the musical symbols for pitch and rhythm.

Paint it Black - for 6th grade band to play at a home football game. Please listen!

Welcome to the Regina Elementary Band website! My name is Mrs. Glass, and I have been teaching music for 18 years. My main instruments are clarinet and piano, but I also play flute, saxophone, trumpet, horn, euphonium, trombone, tuba, percussion, and violin.

In 5th and 6th grade, students may choose to participate in band at Regina. Students receive full group instruction twice weekly for 40 minutes (once a week for students who participate in both band and orchestra). Students also receive a 20 minute pull-out lesson once a week.

5th Grade Band

Instrument Choices Presentation

At the beginning of 5th grade, students learn the basics of playing their instrument by learning skills such as instrument assembly, proper instrument care, tone production, articulation, and music reading. Students use Standard of Excellece Book 1 in their lessons and in band class throughout the year. By the end of the year, 5th graders should be proficient in reading and playing the music in this method book. In addition to the lessons books, students also will work on full band music to play for concerts. Through full ensemble activities, students learn basic ear training, improvisation, music theory, and composition skills. By playing in band, students learn the basic elements of ensemble playing, rehearsal etiquette, and concert ettiquette.

5th grade band students are given formal individual assessments four times per year to monitor progress. 5th grade band students get to share their achievements as a group with friends and family at the Christmas concert on December 11 and the Spring Concert on May 14.

Click here for information on getting started in 5th grade band, including the supply list for each instrument.

6th Grade Band

6th grade band builds upon the skills learned in 5th grade band. In lessons, students work out of Standard of Excellence Book 2. New notes and rhythms are introduced along with new musical skills such as cut time, compound meter, and major/minor mode. Students continue to work on ear training, improvisation, music theory, and composition skills through class activities.

In 6th grade, students have the option to participate in a before school jazz band. There will also be an opportunity to prepare music in small ensembles or as a solo to play in a 6th grade recital and/or at Solo and Ensemble Festival.

6th grade band students will have formal individual assessments four times per year to monitor progress. 6th grade band students get to share their achievements as a group with family and friends through three performances during the year: 6th-12th grade Band Night at a Regina football game September 21, Christmas concert December 11, and Spring Concert May 14.

PISA (Parents in Support of the Arts)

PISA is a Regina parent organization that raises funds to support ALL the arts programs at Regina, grades K-12. PISA supports art, music, band, choir, orchestra, speech, drama (plays and musicals) for both elementary and junior high/high school. If you are interested in joining PISA, finding out more about PISA, or helping with one of PISA's fundraisers or arts support efforts, please see the PISA section of Regina's website at

Listen to the Regina Fight Song (Minnesota Rouser)