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The Geography Department website was last updated on 9 Sep 2023.

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Two S5 Geography students won in the 'Hong Kong Young Geographer of the Year Awards', organised by the Royal Geographical Society - Hong Kong.  With a strong visual accompanied by a compelling written explanation that demonstrates knowledge and application of geographical concepts which connect to this year's theme i.e. A blueprint for the future, Phoebe Chong Kam Wai (5D) won in the 'People and Culture' category while Monica Cheng Yan Yu (5F) won in the 'Critical Eye' category. Congratulations!

SMART WATER DETECTIVES  (A STEM Student Ambassador Programme) 2023

The 'Smart Water Detectives' is a programme organised by the Centre for Water Technology and Policy at The University of Hong Kong. It is funded by the HKU Knowledge Exchange Fund. It aims to enhance secondary school students' water literacy and their understanding of water sustainability issues by the application of smart technologies. Ten S4 Geography students received problem-based STEM training conducted by a team of researchers working on a cutting-edge smart water technology project. They participated in workshops on loT-based devices that digitalises meter readings, where water consumption data can be accessed real-time or on-demand in customised intervals. Students learnt how to analyse the data and formulate an action plan for adopting water-friendly behaviour in our school. 

With the commitment and dedication of these Geography students and the concerted effort of all school members in water conservation, our school has received the Environmental Excellence Award in the competition. Congratulations!

JC-Wise Water Initiative on Sustainability Engagement (Water Wise Student Ambassador Scheme) 2021-22

The ‘Blue-Green School Partnership Programme’ is a flagship programme of the Jockey Club Water Initiative on Sustainability and Engagement (JC-WISE) project, hosted by the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Hong Kong, of which the ‘Water Wise Student Ambassador Scheme’ is a key component. The Scheme, which encourages students to participate in various activities pertaining to water sustainability issues, adopts a hybrid approach to learning: (i) a guided online learning platform for students to progress at their own pace; and (ii) hands-on learning setting outside the classroom. With the outstanding performance of our S4 and S5 students, we are proud to announce that our school has received a Silver Award in the Scheme, in particular, Rachel Yuen and Alesha Chen ranked top 10 territory-wide and had been crowned the ‘Outstanding Award’ in the programme. Congratulations!

(Some photos were adapted from the Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of Hong Kong -

‘Weather and Climate’ Online Quiz Competition 2022

Aiming at boosting students’ understanding of extreme weather conditions, the Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Center and the Hong Kong Observatory jointly organised the ‘Weather Fans Staycation’ Competition. Shortlisted students were given a chance to have a virtual tour to the Hong Kong Observatory and compete in a live quiz competition about extreme weather conditions. Among all participants, Rachel Yuen and Heidi Chow were awarded merit in the competition. Congratulations!

The 8th Field Report Competition for Secondary School 2021-2022

The Competition was co-organised by the Department of Social Sciences, the Education University of Hong Kong and Caritas Chan Chun Ha Field Studies Centre. After receiving three sessions of training, two S5 Geography students drafted a proposal of a field study to examine whether the recreational facilities in Aberdeen Promenade could fulfil the needs of the elderly living in the district. They had overcome all kinds of challenges of conducting a pilot field study under the pandemic and collected sufficient information to complete the field study report based on their observation at the field sites and various sources of second-hand information. Their report was highly appreciated and came in second place among all participating groups. They finally attained Merit in the Competition.

Congratulations to Kong Yat Ching, Melody and Chow Hei Wing, Heidi

Field Trip to Tung Chung River

Guided by river experts from the University of Hong Kong and the Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong, our S4 Geography students were given a chance to explore the ecology and natural fluvial environment of Tung Chung River, and examine the various challenges encountered in river management. Students also got valuable hands-on experience of conducting fieldwork studies at a fluvial environment.

Examining the species living in freshwater habitat

Collecting samples from
the fluvial environment 

Field Trip to Tung Chung River

Field Trip to Pak Nai

On 13 November, a group of S4 and S5 Geography students went for a field trip to Pak Nai. It was organised by The Nature Conservancy (Hong Kong) under The Jockey Club “Ridge to Reef” Environmental Education Programme. Guided by Mr Tom Chan and Miss Miko Lui from The Nature Conservancy (Hong Kong) and the Geography teachers, the students conducted some fieldwork to have deeper understanding about stream and mudflat, as well as the relationships between human activities and the natural environment.

Ridge and Reef

Observing the habitat of horseshoe craps

Collecting sediment sample at the river mouth

Getting ready to conduct fieldwork at the stream