Athletics provide a primary means to develop habits, attitudes, and ideals that align with ethical competition and cooperation. They provide healthy and wholesome leisure time activities for our youth, and can have a powerful impact on young people during their formative years and may further develop their ability to work together with their peers. Athletic sports/activities should be offered to all students at IC Imagine Middle & Upper School.

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

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2021-2022 IC imagine Sports

U.S and M.S Boys Soccer

U.S and M.S Cross Country

U.S and M.S Girls Volleyball

U.S and M.S Boys and Girls Basketball

U.S and M.S Girls Soccer

Mountain Biking Team

Ultimate Frisbee


M.S & U.S Tennis

M.S & U.S Golf

M.S & U.S Track & Field

**We will try to have exact dates as we get closer to that sports designated start date**

110 Champion Way • Asheville, NC 28806 • p.828-633-6491 • f.828-633-6494