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Welcome to the Iberia Technology Department webpage. I support and manage a wide variety of technology equipment, tools and resources across the district, Pre-K - 12th grade. This technology webpage is designed to provide information to staff and students. My Digital Toolbox page provides our current subscription links plus information on google apps or sites to help enhance learning in the classroom. My Student Digital Toolbox page provides helpful links, how too's, and other useful sites for students.

At Iberia we embrace technology within a safe environment for our students and staff. We believe in providing a wide variety of academic media for students to express their knowledge and challenge themselves. We provide free wifi for students and staff through our BYOD policy. The Iberia technology exists to enhance educational opportunities and student achievement. Additionally, our technology is in place to assist professional enrichment of the staff and increase the engagement of our student's families and other district patrons.

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Stacy Spurgeon

Director of Technology, Iberia R-V School District

O: 573.793.2228 ext. 1410 | E: stacys@iberia.k12.mo.us