June 25 - 28, 2021

Virtual Training 2021

California Association of IB World Schools

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Four days of discussion,

activities, and training

We are excited to have been selected by IB to meet the needs of the IB community by providing a virtual workshop experience led by our fantastic trainers who have helped us build a reputation for providing the highest quality of instruction available. These workshops will be held over four consecutive days and are a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous instruction, meeting the IB certification requirement of fifteen hours of training. We look forward to "seeing" you at one of our workshops from June 25 - 28, 2021.


Day 1

Friday, June 25

3:00-4:00pm PDT check in

and plenary

4:00-6:30pm PDT Session 1

2 hours of synchronous learning
30 minutes of asynchronous learning

Day 2

Saturday, June 26

9:00am-2:30pm PDT

Sessions 2,3

4 hours of synchronous learning
1 hour of asynchronous learning
30 minute break

Day 3

Sunday, 27

9:00am-2:30pm PDT

Sessions 4,5

4 hours of synchronous learning
1 hour of asynchronous learning
30 minute break

Day 4

Monday, June 28

4:00-6:30pm PST Session 6

2 hours of synchronous learning
30 minutes of asynchronous learning

All workshops are $775

The goal of this event is to bring the training to you. We're shifting our conference from our usual location at the Granlibakken Resort to an online format to keep you and our trainers safe. We hope to return to Granlibakken in June, 2022.

If you were already registered for our face-to-face conference at Granlibakken from June 25 -28 (DP/CP or June 28-July 1 MYP/PYP you will need to re-register below. Any payments made will be transferred. Additional information is on the payment page of the registration form.


All workshops are $775

Once payment has been processed, you will receive an access code 10 days before your registered workshop begins

MYP Arts: Visual and Performing (Category 2)

MYP Building Self Directed Learners Through ATL (Category 3)

MYP Community Project (Category 2)

MYP Global Contexts for Teaching and Learning (Category 3)

MYP Head of School (Category 1) Full; contact conferences@ibcaws.org to be placed on a waitlist

MYP Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning (Category 2) Full

MYP Language and Literature (Category 1) Full

MYP Leading the Learning (Category 2) Full

PYP & MYP Investigating Inquiry (Category 3)

PYP Building for the Future (Category 3)

PYP Concept-Driven Learners (Category 2)

PYP Creating a Curriculum for Transdisciplinary Learning (Cat. 3)

PYP Leading the Learning (Category 1)

PYP Leading the Learning (Category 2)

PYP Local and Global Inquiries (Category 2)

PYP Making the PYP Happen (Category 1) - Spaces now available!

PYP Making Space for Learning (Category 2)

DP/CP ATL for Classroom Teachers (Category 3)

DP Biology (Category 2)

DP/CP Concepts and Inquiry (Category 3)

DP Counseling (Category 2)

DP Economics (Category 2)

DP English A: Literature (Category 2)

DP English A: Language and Literature (Category 2) Full

DP Head of School (Category 1)

DP History (Category 2)

DP Leading the Learning (Cat 2)

DP Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (Category 2)

DP Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations (Category 2)

DP Music (Category 2)

CP Reflective Project (Category 1)

DP Spanish B (Category 2)

DP Theory of Knowledge (Category 1)

DP Theory of Knowledge (Category 2)

Which workshop category should you choose?



  • You are new to the faculty of a longstanding IB World School and have not taught in an IB programme previously.

  • You are aware of the IB philosophy and programme structure but are not experienced in teaching or administering the IB.

  • You are familiar with the IB subject guide (including assessment procedures, moderation) and would like greater confidence before teaching a course.

  • You have inherited a course and would like a review before teaching it to suit your own style and expertise.



  • You are an experienced IB educator and would like to develop your expertise in delivering an IB programme.

  • You will make connections between programme frameworks and classroom practice.

  • You would like to enhance your understanding of assessment in IB programmes.

  • You will discuss and analyze standards and practices.



  • You are a highly experienced IB educator and would like to go more deeply into areas you enjoy.

  • You would like to deepen your understanding and mastery of a particular area or subject.

Send payments to:

CAWS32 Korite Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688USA
Make checks payable to CAWS and be sure to include your invoice number and PO number if applicable.
Inquiries can be made to: conferences@ibcaws.org or (619) 631-5444