Welcome to the Intimate Apparel Technical Collective!

A place for passionate Intimate Apparel designers, technicians, pattern cutters, graders and machinists who want to...


We hold monthly online gatherings for our members, so we have the opportunity to network and create meaningful connections with other people in our industry.


We have special guests in some of our meetings, so we have the opportunity to learn from the leading experts in the Intimate Apparel industry, as well as having a dedicated Slack group for technical discussions.


Both during our online gatherings and on the Slack group we encourage everyone to collaborate and help each other. We'd love to create a nurturing community where everyone feels trusted and supported.

And, above all, the IA Collective is a place for us to celebrate each other and grow together!

Testimonials from our members

"... I feel like I have found my people! People on the same wavelength, with similar passions and knowledge."

Natalie Graham, Owner at Exquitise and Member of the IA Technical Collective

"Being within the Collective is a real boost for both my business and my confidence- the ability to share work, ideas and opportunities has already helped me accomplish so much. It's a real antidote to freelance loneliness"

Mollie Falkingham, Designer and Founder of the Amora Atelier and Member of the IA Technical Collective

"There is such a wealth of knowledge in this community and I’m grateful to Nicola for bringing us all together"

Trudy Gardner, Freelance Lingerie Designer and Member of the IA Technical Collective