Satisfactory performance on placement assessment, 2 years of high school algebra, 1 year of high school geometry; or MATH 140.


There is no textbook, however we do use Knewton Alta as a homework system and it must be purchased from the bookstore.


Online, asyncronous

Exam Dates:

  • Exam 1: due 9/21

  • Exam 2: due 10/23

  • Exam 3: due 11/25

Grade information:

Exams: Each exam will be worth 45% of your grade.

Quizzes: The quizzes will be worth 30% of your grade, with the lowest two scores dropped.

Homework: The homework is worth 25% of your grade, with the lowest two scores dropped.

Course outcomes: The student who successfully completes this course will be able to do the following.

  • Demonstrate equivalence of algebraic expressions by means of the basic principles of algebra (such as the distributive law and laws of exponents) and find counterexamples to non- equivalent expressions.

  • Create algebraic expressions to model applications.

  • Demonstrate co-variational reasoning by using written descriptions and graphs to discuss how the value of a function changes with its argument. In particular, use the concept of rate of change to analyze this behavior. Create functions to model applications. functional reasoning: graphs, covariation, rate of change, rate of rate of change, modeling

  • Demonstrate understanding of the fundamental principles of pre-calculus mathematics (such as the unit circle definition of the trigonometric functions) by applying them to unfamiliar situations.

Accessibility Statement

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