Chicago District


Welcome Chicago District members!

Your membership in IAHPERD makes you eligible for many opportunities, including the following:

Recognition Awards:

Teacher of the Year Award

Administrator of the Year Award

Professional Development:

IAHPERD State Convention in St. Charles

Chicago IAHPERD Professional Development Workshop

Networking and Social Events:

Monthly Meetings

Quarterly Social Events

Summer Social and Awards Banquet


IAHPERD Program Enhancement Grant

There are so many opportunities offered through IAHPERD and Chicago IAHPERD and we invite you to get involved! We’re always happy to have new members at our meetings, socials and professional development wor and if you’re interested in becoming an active part of the Chicago District, we guarantee we can find a role for you!

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The Chicago District is made up of the entire city of Chicago. The district in which you TEACH is the district to which you belong within IAHPERD.



Katrina Haynes

Clinton Elementary School


Michael Millikan

Perez Elementary School

Past President

Cliff Wagner


Lori Klein-Blazek


Zach Yaeger

Clinton Elementary School

Delegate At Large

Genaro Ramirez

Talkington Elementary School