UV is

Visible & Quantifiable

Eco-Friendly Quantum Dot Imaging Technology

HYU's UV imaging technology is based on a proprietary nano technology, Quantum-dot.

The technology does not use any heavy metal to produce Quantum-dot, and we are the world's first Eco-Friendly Quantum-dot so the wide range of applications without restriction.

Out quantum-dot absorbs near 100% of all UV (below 400nm) or selectively by design and emits visible light in blue to make an image of UV with the highest efficiency. Furthermore, our software can provide instantaneous measurement of UV intensity.

HYU's camera solution supports and enables variety of applications where UV information is critical but didn't have suitable technology before us. We are excited to share some of the current projects and will be happy to work with you to achieve the excellence in your business with our UV imaging technology.

uveye camera



Personalized skin care data


Dermatology, Tissue Engineering, Cancer detection

machine vision

Production Quality Control

smart appliance

Doneness, Cleanness


Toxic Gas, Particle, Bio-hazard agent Detection


Non-Destructive Test, Corona discharge Detection