One Book,

One Community

What is One Book, One Community?

What if everyone read the same book and then joined all those readers in talking about it? That's the idea behind One Book, One Community of HWRSD. Everyone can be on the same page...

Each year, the One Book, One Community of HWRSD selection committee chooses a readily available and discussible book written by a major author, and invites Hampden and Wilbraham residents to read the same book at the same time and explore it through a series of free programs running for approximately a school year. Revealed at the end of a school year to enjoy over the summer with your families and then woven into the school year with assignments, assemblies and local programming. Each year's events feature book discussions and free district-wide community activities related to the themes raised by these inspiring stories. One Book, One Community aims to enrich the experience of reading for everyone.

The goal of this project is to provide a high quality book for families to read together and provide opportunities for our district to foster a sense of community by coming together throughout the summer and in the upcoming school year with engaging activities connected to this book. Students entering 1st to 5th grade receive the book at the end of the school year before the summer begins.

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One Book, One Community