Curriculum for Wales


Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bro Myrddin


Parents / Guardians,

Implementing and developing the new curriculum has been a priority for us in the last few years and we are now focusing on its progression. There is a huge emphasis on the learning journey, and we are already on the right road. We will be concentrating this year on initiating conversations between pupils and teachers about how we are progressing towards the Four Purposes. We will be looking specifically at pupil’s attitude to learning and how they feel they can be further supported. In order to ensure that we improve parents’ awareness of the new curriculum we will provide you with regular curriculum updates on our new platform.

Below is a list of the steps already taken by us at Bro Myrddin:

  • Staff, pupils and governors involved in the process from the outset

  • Bro Myrddin one of the national curriculum lead schools for Mathematics and Numeracy and the Humanities

  • Teaching and learning model created and shared

  • Ongoing training provided on the New Curriculum and Areas of Learning and Experience

  • Schemes piloted with year 7 in the last three years

  • Co-ordinators of the Areas of Learning and Experience and Digital Competence, Literacy and Numeracy appointed

  • Creative projects with many pupils from a variety of year groups have been held

  • Whole school vision created by pupils, staff, parents and governors

  • New platform created for the New Curriculum

Our Vision

In the midst of our community and our school, Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bro Myrddin, there are the roots of an ancient oak. We picture our new curriculum as this oak and, from its robust roots, together we will nurture boughs where secure nests will enable every pupil to develop wings.

We will encourage our learners to grow into healthy and confident individuals who will contribute creatively and enterprisingly to Wales and the world. We will develop ambitious and able learners who are ready for life-long learning and we will create moral, knowledgeable and principled citizens who will be valuable members of society.

Like the oak tree, our curriculum will be broad and balanced. It will offer us opportunities to shelter and to climb. It will impel us to put our language into action and celebrate it with pride. It will include every stakeholder, be they learners, staff, parents, governors or members of the wider community.

Throughout the terms, it will remind us that the oak stems from a tiny acorn and that, at times, we need to plant anew.

Relationships and Sexuality Education


A guide for children and young people

A young person's guide to the new Curriculum.pdf

The new curriculum for wales

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Four Purposes

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