Digital Leaders

Our Digital Leaders:

Josh Odlin 10A

Carys Evans 9G

Joel Edwards 9O

Owen Canton 8O

Caleb Tyrrell 8I

Lukas Tyrrell 8A

Ewan Gardner 8C

Keenan Roberts 8A

William Davies 7O

Raven Blything 7S

Harry Ellis 7S

Jensen Matthews 7L

Ciaran Craig 10I

John Zoogah 7O

Charlie Burke 7E

George Picton 7H

Our official digital leaders


Missing from picture: Carys

Looks like its going well

Our official digital leaders


Second interview

All of the students that applied have got the job

Congrats guys

The Digital Leader Job Description

To apply for the position as a digital leader, please read the information below about what the role of Digital Leader will mean.

If your application is successful, these are some of the types of responsibilities that you will have as part of the Digital Leaders Team. These responsibilities will be shared out amongst all of the Digital Leaders.

Test new ICT resources, which could be websites, software or hardware.

Share their skills and expertise with other pupils, classes and teachers.

Set up ICT equipment in classrooms for teachers.

Update the Digital Learning website.

Lead ICT lunchtime clubs.

Support teachers and classes to use ICT in the classroom.

You may also be asked to work with children from other schools on specific projects, as well as to help organise and support other out-of-school-hours activities.

In order that you can perform the above roles, we at HHVCS will ensure that you have the relevant training and support to perform the role.

Application's have now ended!!!


We will be meeting on Portfield at 2.30 on the 12th March for the Aspire2Be meeting. The minibus will leave Prendergast at 2.20 for those of you who need to travel over. Please meet at the blue seating area and you will be registered when you arrive at Portfield.

Portfield - yr7 and yr9 - meet Friday 8th L3 in the Lower School Library.

Prendergast - yr8 and yr10 - meet Tuesday 5th L4 in the Bookbase

Meet Wednesday 13th February Blue seating area start of lesson 3 to go to Portfield returning at the end of lesson 4.