HUUSD COVID19 : Testing Positive & Close Contact Guidance


Please see the Vermont Department of Health Close Contact guidance on protocols if you or your child has been exposed to COVID-19.

Please note that HUUSD will contact staff & families if they are identified as close contacts while at school. The Vermont Department of Health is not able to conduct contact tracing for all cases of COVID-19. Individuals and private organizations are asked to notify others who may have come into contact with an individual when they are infectious with COVID-19.

1/17/22 update: Antigen (rapid) tests will be provided to students and staff who are close contacts within or outside of school. Within school close contacts will be sent home with elementary school students within a day; middle and high school students who are close contacts can pick up rapid test kits in the main entrance at dismissal each school day.

When and How to use Antigen Test kits


The person (staff or student) testing positive should begin the process of isolation. Please see Vermont Department of Health guidance on what to do if you test postive. Please also report your case to HUUSD by contacting your school nurse (during school hours) or completing this form. A school nurse or administrator will reach out to you if we have further questions.