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Using the Chromebook

Trackpad & Hotkeys

3 Ways to do a Split Screen

Google Classrooms

Find Your Google Classrooms

Our very own Ms. Harris explains how to log in to your Chrome browser and then four different ways to locate Google Classroom.

A Google Classroom Tour

Take a tour of a typical Google Classroom and learn two ways to create and turn in assignments.

How Students Complete Assignments

A quick overview on how to complete an assignment in Google Classroom and turn it in properly.

Use a Phone to Turn in a Google Assignment

Did your teacher create an assignment that you need to complete with pencil and paper? How do you turn that in on Google Classroom?

Top 3 Common Assignment Mistakes

In just 2 minutes you can learn to avoid the most common mistakes students make when attempting to turn in a Google Classroom assignment.


Manage and Organize

Got a mess? A bunch of stuff left over from last year? Watch this video to learn some ways to easily organize your Google Drive for the new school year.

Creative Organizing Tips

Learn to use color and emojis to jazz up your Google Drive and make it easier and faster to navigate.


Everything you need to know! Be sure to scroll below the video to see a table of contents.


Another comprehensive video, so be sure to scroll below the video to see a table of contents.


Complete overview for beginners! Be sure to scroll below the video to see a table of contents.


Need to create a Form? This video walks you through the entire process.

LOTS more tutorials!

Check out this Spreadsheet of tutorials just for students and parents! Easy to scroll to find exactly what you need!