I am a Professor in the Mathematics Department at Cal Poly Humboldt . My research interests mainly concern noncommutative algebras that arise in noncommutative algebraic geometry, topology and physics. Some key words for things that I am currently interested in: Artin-Schelter regular and Calabi-Yau algebras; Feigen-Odesskii elliptic algebras, graded twisted tensor products; noncommutative invariant theory, Frobenius extensions, Azumaya loci, polynomial identity algebras, and the use of functorial algebraic geometry to understand noncommutative algebras. 

I usually teach courses in calculus, linear algebra, abstract algebra and number theory. I also like to teach independent study courses for advanced mathematics students. Some of the most recent topics have included: elliptic curves, p-adic Numbers, matrix Lie groups, Groebner bases, Lie algebras, algebraic geometry, algebraic number theory, algebraic topology, and representation theory of finite groups. 


Contact information 


Email: peter.goetz (at) humboldt (dot) edu 


Dr. Peter Goetz 

Mathematics Department 

Humboldt State University 

1 Harpst St 

Arcata, CA 95521 

Office: Behaviorial and Social Sciences (BSS) 358 

Office phone: 707-826-3926