Abeer Hasan's Home Page!!!

Abeer M. Hasan

Assistant Professor of Statistics

Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

Humboldt State University, Arcata, 95521 CA.

Office: BSS Building, Room # 328.

Office Phone: 707-826-3744

Email: ah2409@humboldt.edu

Research Interests

  • Distribution Theory.
  • Change Point Detection and Sequential Analysis.
  • Probability Theory.
  • Teaching statistics.


  • Abeer Hasan, Wei Ning & Arjun K. Gupta (2014). An Information-based Approach to the Change Point Problem of the Non-central Skew t Distribution with Applications to Stock Market Data, Sequential Analysis: Design Methods and Applications, 33:4, 458-474.

  • Steve Su, Abeer Hasan and Wei Ning (2013). The RS Generalized Lambda Distribution Based Calibration Model. International Journal of Statistics and Probability, 2:1, 101-107.

  • Abeer Hasan, Wei Ning and Arjun K. Gupta (2014). A Non-central Skew t- Distribution with Applications to Environmental Data.

  • Sayonita Goshhajra, Abeer Hasan (2015). Integrating Oral Presentations in Mathematical and Statistical Courses.

  • A Study of Non-Central Skew t Distributions and their Applications in Data Analysis and Change Point Detection.

Ph.D. dissertation supervised by Dr. Arjun Gupta and Dr. Wei Ning. Published on Ohio Link, 2013.

  • A New Type of Orthogonality in Banach Spaces, M.A. thesis supervised by Dr. Rushdie Khalil. The University of Jordan, 2006.


  • Ph.D. in Statistics.
  • Master of Science in Mathematics.
  • Master of Arts in Mathematics.
  • Thesis: A New Type of Orthogonality in Banach Spaces.
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

Courses Taught at HSU

  • MATH 695: Directed Research.
  • MATH 690: Thesis Supervision.
  • STAT 333: Linear Regression Models.
  • STAT 323: Probability & Statistics.
  • STAT 109: Introductory Bio-statistics.
  • STAT 108: Elementary Statistics.

Courses Taught before HSU

  • Calculus II.
  • Calculus I.
  • Pre Calculus.
  • College Algebra.
  • Introduction to Statistics.
  • Mathematics for Liberal Arts.