Science Technology Engineering Math

STEM Classes

Taught by: Mr. Hernandez

Welcome to the STEM Program at Humble Middle School. Last year we had such great success with our Robotics Club after school that the interest in STEM skyrocketed, taking the small club to a semester long series of classes! I am so proud and honored to be the Teacher of the first set of STEM classes here at Humble Middle.

Intro to Programming

In this class students will get a basic understanding of how computer programs work. They will also learn how to make websites in HTML, use java for interactive programming and make their own video game with block programming.

Intro to STEM

In this beginning class students will get a sense of how to apply STEM solutions to real life problems. They will work hands on in designing and programming in Vex Robotics with the opportunity to compete in district robotics competitions.

Investigating Careers

This course will help students to learn the reality of pursuing the career of their dreams. It shows them how to apply the limitless power of current technology and research tools into a cohesive plan for accomplishing their life goals. I call this class, How to be Successful 101.

All STEM classes are taught through Google Classroom

This way students can work on and complete assignments easily at home or in class. This also allows for instant communication with me throughout the year. The links at the top of the page will take you to the Google Calendar for each class. Students will be able to see full class details and Parents will be able to receive full class reports for all assignments.