Engineering Nutritional Eco-Systems for Life

Hulul Mustadama Investments (HMI) 

HMI was founded on the agenda to take action and actively participate in the realisation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 

Our Purpose is addressing food insecurity at a sovereign level, using resources responsibly and to reduce carbon emissions. 

Our Pledge is to be fully engaged and a driving force for cognitive awareness and implementation of the UN SDGs. 

Our Promise is to deliver EPCM based Agri-Tech Projects, Green Logistics, and collaborative Trade & Financing. 

What we do...

Food Eco-Systems

At HMI our core activity in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is the creation of sustainable eco-systems engineered to deliver food security and nutrition today and for future generations in a changing climate.  

We collaborate with Governments, communities and various stakeholders to execute, deliver and engineer innovative solutions to address the challenges of food shortages with a minimum carbon footprint. The outcome of our engagements are holistic and scalable sustainable food systems that encompass 3-dimensions Economic, Social and Environmental. 

"HMI is executing and delivering be-spoke multi generational food systems, that actually work.

Sustainable across both the agronomy and commercial levels. 

Contributing real world value every step of the way,

while proudly building a legacy of change in the food systems sector"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              HMI Chairman: Gregory J. Trilford

Supply Chain & Logistics


Logistics is pivotal in the HMI business model, it is more than transport, it is an array of coordinated activities created to effectively manage the quantity, quality, and safety of end products using highly-efficient, cost effective, technology driven distribution systems. 

With our team’s combined logistic sector experience spanning over a 100 years, we understand the significance of food supply chain requirements and Hulul Mustadama is positioned not just for effective participation in this sector but also to disrupt it. 

Our Logistics and Supply Chain Global Network is as strong as any in the world today. With reach into and across all continents for all services. We are very proud of our network and industry leading approach.

"We do not want to be the biggest...just the best !..."

                                                                                                                    HMI Chairman: Gregory J. Trilford


HMI’s sustainable food systems models “Agri-Precincts” encompass the entire range of interlinked value adding activities involved in the growing, harvesting, storing, processing, distribution, consumption and disposal of foods products. 

Our vision of delivering bespoke solutions does not end in soft commodities, we believe diversification is a key strategy for success. Food Eco-Systems that address Up and Down Stream values. 

We believe equally that our investments in the alternative energy sector and the electrification of transport services all culminate in a diversified portfolio and the sound stewardship of our and our partners capitol. We continue to invest in Logistics across the world to ensure the back bone and connectivity is ensured from an end to end value chain prospective for HMI's direct investments and our customers.  

HMI offers a selection of trade opportunities from our trusted commercial relationships across the globe, and a diversified portfolio of investments options for our shareholders and strategic partners. 

“It's not the ticked size that matters,

but the potential opportunity for value to be realized”

                                                                                               HMI Chairman: Gregory J. Trilford

Our name and meaning...

Sustainable is "mustadama" in Arabic

Sustainability consists of fulfilling the needs of current generations without compromising the needs for future generations, while ensuring a balance economic growth, environmental care and social well-being.  

"Hulul Mustadama proudly is the name of our company and our badge of Honour. 

It defines our Values and Mission as a company. 

Encapsulating all that matters to our people and whom we engage"

                                                   HMI Chairman: Gregory J. Trilford

Solutions is "hulul" in Arabic

An action or process to solve a problem, an answer to a problem, an explanation. 

Specifically a set of values or variables that satisfies an equation.

What matters to us...


To be a leader and innovative in our chosen disciplines across the globe, partnering with stakeholders for sustainable and optimized supply chains by delivering bespoke solutions. 

To set new and innovative standards in all sectors we choose to venture into. 



Global Strategic Partnership Programme (GSPP)

Meet the team...

Gregory J. Trilford

Founder, Chairman and CEO

Hulul Mustadama Investments (HMI)

Gregory has over 3-decades of experience in leadership and advisory roles for companies and entities such as Emirates Group & Airline, flydubai, Etihad and Integrated Service Solutions, Aerospace & Aviation (DPWN), Boeing, Airbus, Strata, Mubadala and many more. 

The Founder, Chairman and CEO of Hulul Mustadama Investments, is an Advisor of numerous SME and MNC businesses and entities across multiple sectors around the world. 

Today his passion is to tackle Food Security and Carbon challenges head on, both in the GCC and further abroad. While continuing to support problem solving initiatives at a sovereign level and ensuring the execution and delivery is flawless. 

"Simply excellence in Sustainable Solutions, 

born from the past, present and future, 

driven by people, data and vision"


                                                                        HMI Chairman: Gregory J. Trilford  

H.E. Eman Al Suwaidi

Board Member

Hulul Mustadama Investments (HMI)

Eman is an experienced quality assurance professional, an entrepreneur and leadership coach who is passionate about promoting change management, integrity and efficiency in public services. 

With over 2-decades in strategic roles; Eman has extensive experience in public services including The Ministry of Finance UAE. She is currently a Senior Director in The General Secretariat of The Executive Council - Government of Dubai where she leads the Dubai Model Centre (DMC). 

Eman’s achievements include spearheading quality and excellence programs, pioneering 800+ initiatives under the DMC, improved customer journeys for more than 70 shared government services and inspiring others to lead and be the voice of change. 

Jonas Nilsson

Partner & COO 

Hulul Mustadama Investments (HMI)

Jonas is a diligent strategist and collaborative leader, passionate about emerging technologies in eco-logistic practices, an intriguer focused on deliverables in a demand driven organization to both B2B and B2C markets.


Jonas 3-decade in executive management roles for UPS, Kuehne + Nagel and DB Schenker has evolved through quality management systems, mentoring high potential people and digital transformation.  He is currently holding consultancy roles implementing corporate restructuring and supporting startups.  

A driving force for green logistics following environmentally friendly best practices to reduce carbon footprint, Jonas is a strong advocate for profitability through good corporate governance. 

Prof. Marco Elli

Partner & CFO

Hulul Mustadama Investments (HMI)

Marco is highly analytical, versatile and innovative with a proven track record in financial management; and orchestrating solid strategic financial processes that drive efficiency and customer-centricity across regions. 

Marco’s experience as CFO/CEO spans decades with Impregilo, Ducati and Ferrero; with an array of proven successful executive roles in multinational organisations; he currently holds Director & CEO roles with Pirelli Indonesia APAC respectively. 

An avid pursuer of knowledge, Marco is a Professor of Economics at University of Ferrara – Italy; who excels in dynamic work environments, Marco expanded markets in China for Ducati and has developed quantitative risk management models for different sectors.

Abdullatif Al Bastaki

Senior Advisor

Hulul Mustadama Investments (HMI)

Abdullatif has a strong technical background in policy management, technology, procurement and logistics; furthermore, Abdullatif promotes sustainable initiatives for environmental protection.


His industry experience spans over 2-decades from trading and construction to procurement and leadership roles in Emirates Airlines before moving to Emirates NBD where he is currently Senior Vice President – Head of Retail Infrastructure & Automated Cash Services.


Abdullatif’s career achievements are presentation of agility, innovation, cost control and data analytics based on a disruption and transformation agenda to aid executive decisions and developing strategic partnerships with real value. 

Contact us...

Hulul Mustadama Investments - HMI 


t: +971 50 996 2737


United Arab Emirates

"Engineering Nutritional Eco-Systems for Life"