Huisun Forest Area

Welcome to the Huisun experimental forest. The forest, 7,477 ha in area, is situated at Nantou county, Taiwan, approximately 35km to the east of Taichung city. It is the largest experimental forest among the 4 belonging to the National Chung Hsing University. Due to the 2000-meter altitude difference in Huisun, from 450-2,420 m, the forest is longitudinally scattered between peak and valley, and so the main features of the climate can be divided into tropical, subtropical and warm regions. Each region consists of a variety of vegetation with adaptive plants. The varieties of plants in the 3 regions is a result of the multi-variety ecological system.

As economic and industrial process continues in Taiwan, its citizens desire to enjoy a more natural, peaceful and harmonious environment on their vacations. To accommodate this desire, we planned a 1,597 ha. forestall recreation area in western Huisun and offer the tourists a chance to get close to mother nature.

The purpose of Huisun forest is to facilitate colleges and their students the conducting of their researches and experiments. The in-depth tour of the forest has been a must-do activity since the recreation area’s establishment in 1978. All visitors must follow the scenery and environment protection standards by which we set up to preserve the nature and to prevent the forest from deterioration.


Tickets / person

Adult: NT$200; Group: NT$150; Discount: NT$100; Especial: NT$10

Parking / car

Bus: NT$100; Car: NT$50; Motorcycle: NT$10

Room / night

Deluxe: NT$2400; Quad: NT$3200; Wutong lodge: NT$4000; Cabin: NT$5000; Nenkong lodge: NT$5000

(20% off on weekdays, but not the day before weekends & holidays)

A change of the price above will not be informed in advance, please pay by the up-to-day rate.

Notes for Room Reservation

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Traffic Guide


Puli station, Nantou bus timetable:

Departure times of Puli to Huisun : 8:50, 13:50

Departure times of Huisun to Puli : 10:30, 15:30


No. 6 freeway → Kuoshin intersection → Kuoshin → Huisun Forest Recreation Area