HTS Teacher Help Page

The purpose of this Website is to help you use digital tools needed for HTS Virtual Learning and Digital Tools used in our school. First pick your topic area, Teachers - Students - Parents. Next, find the topic that you need help with. Finally, view the tutorial information on that topic.

Don't see what you need? Fill out this FORM and we will work to add help for that topic.

If you need help with a specific program/app, here is our list of resident experts. Please send questions related to the following to that expert for help.

Google - Lori Henneberg

Renaissance - Lori Henneberg or Tyann Brodeur

ALEKS - Megan Dickson

Sycamore - Katie Hamilton, Tina Jaworski, or Pat Gamber

Screencastify - Lori Henneberg

Zoom - Lori Henneberg

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