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Can I still purchase a yearbook?  

Our yearbook is currently SOLD OUT.  Click here: A limited additional printing of 2024 Yearbooks will be available for purchase on the Jostens website until July 8, 2024.  WE NEED TO SELL 20 MORE BOOKS for the reprint to happen. Please spread the word to anyone who still needs to order a yearbook.

A limited number of past yearbooks are available to purchase. Click here for the list and prices.

Where can I preview portraits for my freshman/sophomore/junior?

Proofs are only available for seniors at this time. You can pre-order photos for your 9th-11th grader, or wait until you receive their student ID to view their portrait. If you are unhappy with their portrait, the retake date is posted under IMPORTANT DATES.

Are there any discounts or coupons available?

Order your yearbook early to receive the biggest savings and best promo offers through Jostens. If you are a senior AND you qualify for free/reduced lunch (as of April 15th),  please see Mrs. Rogers for special pricing on your yearbook.

When can I pick up my yearbook?

When shipping informatinon is received from Jostens, pickup dates and times will be is posted under IMPORTANT DATES.

Why isn't _________ included in the yearbook?

While every effort is made to include as many students and events in the yearbook, we are constrained by scheduling limitations and yearbook publishing deadlines. The final yearbook deadline for publication happens in early to mid April. Unfortunately, many spring and end-of-the-year events are scheduled after this deadline. Photos from these events are available on the Lors website for viewing/purchase (see above for link), but most spring events are not available to be included in the yearbook. 

I found a mistake in the yearbook.

Please alert Mrs. Rogers to any errors in printing or binding of your yearbook. Every effort will be made to replace yearbooks with material defects. If the mistake is a spelling or other error in editing, please accept our sincere apologies. The all-student yearbook staff and editors work through 5 major deadlines, with often very little turnaround between when the photos are taken and when the page is due. Each page undergoes 2 levels of review, but mistakes inevitably happen during what is essentially a service-learning process.