AMS Student Weblinks

Be a Good Digital Citizen!

Play these fun Common Sense Media Digital Passport games!

E-volve - Cyberbulling Game

Password Protect - Password Security Game

Search Shark - Choosing Effective Keywords for Searching Information

(Be sure to check back for more!!)

Black History Month/Martin Luther King Jr.

Click here to access GREAT books to read about Martin Luther King Jr. from Epic Books

Government and Historical Figures

Click here for interesting information on ANYTHING government

Click here for fun educational games that practice our knowledge of the Branches of Government and the States

Click here for fun history resource especially for younger students (K-2)

Click here for great History/Social Studies relates sites

Click here for various Historical Figures activities - be sure to click on a person's name to find interactive games - ex: Benjamin Franklin animated book

World Almanac Kids - great resources and games

Google Arts and Culture Virtual Tours - White House (but check out other topics in the search)

Scholastica Travel Virtual Tours - Washington DC and Famous Sites

PARCC Resources

Free PARCC Technology Skill Building Sites:

Free PARCC review and technology skill building PARCC practice tests with activities that help students get ready for the PARCC by using tools in the PARCC test environment

Explore screens that "demonstrate the navigation and tools students will use in the PARCC Computer-Based Assessments

PARCC Research Simulations

Common Core Practice Using PARCC Simulation Tools and Environment

PARCC Sample Questions and Practice Tests

Free math problem solver answers your math problems with step-by-step explanations using PARCC-like graphics!