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Be a Good Digital Citizen!

Play these fun Common Sense Media Digital Passport games!

E-volve - Cyberbulling Game

Password Protect - Password Security Game

Search Shark - Choosing Effective Keywords for Searching Information

Share Jumper - Being Carfeful about Sharing Online

Mix-n-Mash - Learn about copyright and credit while being creative

Twalkers - Focusing on one task at a time while on a cell phone

NJSLA Resources

Free NJSLA Technology Skill Building Sites:

Free NJSLA review and technology skill building NJSLA practice tests with activities that help students get ready for the NJSLA by using tools in the NJSLA test environment

Great practice site especially because it has ALL the math tools students might need to use

Explore screens that "demonstrate the navigation and tools students will use in the NJSLA Computer-Based Assessments

Common Core Practice Using NJSLA Simulation Tools and Environment

NJSLA Sample Questions and Practice Tests

Free math problem solver answers your math problems with step-by-step explanations using NJSLA-like graphics!

Tech Skills Knowledge

Here is how you can best prepare yourself with Technology Skills for NJSLA Testing:

1. Practice keyboarding using (sign in with your Google account) or any typing skills game

2. Know the keys on the keyboard, including special keys (enter, arrow keys, backspace...) and what they do.

3. Practice mouse skills - left click, right click, double click, drag and drop, highlighting....

4. Be familiar with online protractor, calculator, ruler, and video player tools

Current Event Websites

DOGOnews - student news site that features articles for K-8 students. DOGOnews covers current events stories in the areas of science, sports, entertainment, and variety of topics that fall under the banner of social studies

Youngzine - articles feature a mix of news, sports, and entertainment stories for elementary school students. A new edition is published weekly. Most articles on Youngzine are accompanied by a supporting video.

Tween Tribune Junior - Smithsonian offers articles for students - this version is for K-4 students. All articles are accompanied by Lexile score labels.

Government and Historical Figures

Click here for interesting information and fun games on ANYTHING government

Click here for great History/Social Studies relates sites

Click here for various Historical Figures activities - be sure to click on a person's name to find interactive games - ex: Benjamin Franklin animated book

World Almanac Kids - great resources and games

Coding is Cool

Check out these cool sites and practice coding!! - Dance Party and more