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My name is Mark Rademaker, HSY is my freelance and fictional "shipyard". I specialize in NURBS concept art.

In a world that embraced speed (polygon) modeling, off the shelf solutions, random greebles, soft edges and inaccurate curves, I strive to do the exact opposite.
I want precision, highly detailed, well thought out concepts that will last deep into the future. Not only by design but also by format.

NURBS/SOLIDS modeling is time extensive, for me a lot of that time goes into what has to go where on a model, making it more an evolution than a "sketch to 3D" process. I'm cheap, good, but slow. I work flat rate only. The amount of hours spent on a model are hard to justify 1:1 for most of my customers. I'd rather get paid less than deliver an inadequate model in a too short time frame. I need time over money.

My work overall has a fabricated look and an air of engineering.

"Visual Engineer" was the term coined by Kelvin Long (Project Icarus) and Dr. Harold "Sonny" White. (Limitless Space Institute)
That is the goal.

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Contact info:
Mark Rademaker,
Silvolde, The Netherlands.
Portfolio on Flickr