Hillsboro Junior High National Junior Honor Society

Sponsors: Mrs. Maerli & Ms. Colton

All NJHS members need to remain in good standing as outlined by the by-laws of the Hillsboro NJHS by-laws.

  1. Each member needs to pay $20 in dues. This money covers the national dues that our chapter must pay, a t-shirt for the current year, and end of the year celebration. Dues must be paid by October 4th.
  2. Each member must maintain a 3.3 cumulative GPA. This will be checked each quarter.
  3. Each member must complete 32 total hours of community service for the school year. 8 hours will be due each quarter and members must remain active throughout the school year.
        • 1st Quarter due- Oct. 4th
        • 2nd Quarter due- Dec. 13th
        • 3rd Quarter due- Feb. 28th
        • 4th Quarter due- May 15th

4. Members must also demonstrate proper behavior in class and at all school activities. 3 or more zero hours will result in a member being placed on probation. Members receive ISS or OSS will be dismissed from NJHS.

If a member does not meet one of the above requirements, then they will be placed on probation for the following quarter. At that time, the member will have the opportunity to correct the problem and be restored to good standing. If a member does not correct the problem during the probationary period, then they will be dismissed from NJHS.